Classic nightwear - stylish and genuine. The first choice for women who are in the middle of life, have found their style and are not satisfied with less.

A timeless style, high-quality materials and a durable finish promise this unique wearing comfort and a pleasant feeling on the skin.

"The fabrics we wear on our skin should give us a sense of home and not make people, the environment or nature suffer."

#greenbodywear. We attach great importance to sustainability in the production of our underwear. For this reason, all GÖTZBURG articles are certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and are produced in a climate-neutral way. In this way, the CO2 generated by the company and its production has been reduced as far as possible.
*The remaining emissions are offset with climate protection certificates and worldwide environmental projects - this results in a climate-neutral brand.

Preview: 100% natural cotton - particularly hard-wearing and skin-friendly. Cotton feels pleasantly soft on the skin and is one hundred percent a natural product. And if you start to sweat, the nightwear from Goetzburg still feels pleasantly dry, because the cotton fabric can store up to 65 percent of its own weight as moisture and release it to the outside.

The DOTS series will be available in stores and in our online shop from January 2022.

The cuddly material made of a viscose-polyester-elastane mix offers complete wearing comfort and is of lasting colour brilliance. This blended quality is very easy-care, crease-resistant and guarantees high colour brilliance. The elastane content ensures dimensional stability.